The 12th international conference series on Laser-light and Interactions with Particles (LIP) is organized by the Department of Atmospheric Sciences of the Texas A&M University on March 5th-9th, 2018 in College Station, Texas. The conference is focused on interactions between laser beams and particles, from theory to practice, encompassing in particular the following topics:

  • Beam shape description,
  • Far-field scattering,
  • Time-resolved scattering,
  • Mechanical effects of light,
  • Near fields and morphology-dependent-resonances,
  • Complex shaped particles and aggregates,
  • Multiple scattering in dense media,
  • Optical particle sizing and characterization methods.

Although the conference is mainly intended to deal with electromagnetic beams (vectorial scattering), papers dealing with acoustical and quantum beams (scalar waves) however presenting significant enough correlations with the main issues of the conference will be welcome.

Images Copyright 2013 C. Liu, 2015 P. Stegmann & M. Schnaiter, and 2016 U. Cordes 

Applications may range from multiphase flow characterization to aerosol science and atmospheric environment, biomedical optical engineering, remote manipulation of objects, plasma and soft matter physics, quantum electrodynamics in cavities, etc.

Image Copyright 2010 G. Tang