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The following safety advice is by no means comprehensive and it is your responsibility to inform yourself about local laws that might apply to you.

The organisers of the LIP-2018 strongly encourage all participants of the conference to inform and prepare themselves appropriately before commencing the journey to Texas. 

As of August 1st, 2016, the Campus Carry law allows Texan students to carry concealed firearms on campus and in lecture halls under specified conditions. 

Law enforcement:
If you receive a ticket for speeding or a parking ticket it is strongly advisable to pay it. Otherwise consequences for future travels to the United States may arise. US police officers expect that car drivers during a stop-and-search action remain in their car and keep their hands well visible on the steering wheel. Leaving your car or similar actions may be seen as a threat and the police officer may resort to defensive measures.

Using your cellphone while driving is illegal inside the College Station city limits.
Towing cars is a very profitable business in College Station and parking a car outside of designated parking spaces will immediately lead to a towing fee of up to $250. 
The population of Bryan/College Station has a large percentage of young students. As a consequence, many drivers have little driving experience and accidents involving student bicyclists are notoriously frequent.

As Texas is a state with nearly subtropical climate, please consider appropriate vaccinations before traveling here.

While rare, heavy flooding and tornados may occur in College Station. If this is the case, stay inside and follow the instructions of the Code Maroon Emergency Broadcast of the Texas A&M.

It is illegal to carry or consume alcoholic beverages, such as beer or wine in public.

Pay attention to your valuable items, and keep them in a safe place. Don't leave any valuable items in your car. Be aware of thieves, especially at airports or other public places. Make copies of all your important documents. In the United States it is comparatively easy to buy firearms. If you are a victim of an armed robbery, do not attempt resistance!

Credit Cards:
A credit card is indispensable in the US. Here, almost every type of card is accepted. Cash can be withdrawn from an ATM.